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What do we work with in Kundalini Yoga?

Really visualise how life changes with yoga!
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  • Sleep is restored
  • Nervous system is restored
  • Internal organs are restored
  • Restores the lungs and cardiovascular system
  • Eliminates toxins
  • Slows down ageing, skin glows
  • New skills are acquired and consolidated much faster
  • You no longer put off trying everything after 40
  • No fear or stress of something new
  • New information is absorbed much easier
  • New interests and hobbies appear
Family life
  • Healthy boundaries emerge
  • The quality of the relationship changes to a more intimate one
  • Leisure habits change
  • There is an opportunity to earn more
  • Focus on real material desires that were once dreams
  • There is energy for real action in developing projects at work, opening your own business
  • Scale
Personal development
  • Stress resistance increases
  • Honest contact with yourself
  • Increases productivity
  • Fear and apathy disappear
  • Habits that don't lead to growth disappear
  • Gone are the unnecessary things in life
  • The flow of thoughts stops and becomes quieter
  • An inner core and support is formed within oneself
  • Increases body sensitivity
  • Improves quality of sexual life
  • Builds healthy communication
  • Allows you to be whole and independent of your partner
Work Projects
  • New ideas emerge
  • Energy is generated to realize projects, ideas and wishes
Your practice

How does Kundalini Yoga work, what do we practice?

The meditations of Sat Nam Rasayan work with your mind, your whole body muscles and energy blocks in the body, the subconscious mind and the aura, helping to improve the overall health and energy of the body.
It is a very precise and deep science where every Kriya counts!
The practice involves holding certain uncomfortable positions of the body and mind, which helps to go beyond comfort and strengthen the body, mind and energy.
Imagine climbing to the top of a mountain despite fatigue and doubt. When you reach the top you realise that your possibilities are much greater than you thought! In the classes we also go beyond that, opening up new possibilities not only for the mind and body, but also for the senses.
If you really care about your health and well being, trust a professional in the field. It’s like medicine: you wouldn’t go to an ear, nose and throat specialist with a broken leg, it’s the same.

Formats of interaction

Payment for all tariffs (except for the tariff with personal consultation) can be divided into 2 parts and paid within 10 days from the start of the subscription.
Personal counselling
Access to the Glow Club
The opportunity to join the community opens at the first of every month.
This is a session of the ancient art of meditative healing, which will solve your problems in all areas of life:

  • Panic attacks, depression, anxiety
  • Lack of self-confidence, dislike for oneself
  • Health problems
  • Relationships in family, with boyfriend, children, parents
  • Difficulty communicating with friends
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulties at work, burnout
  • Difficulties in implementation
This is a session of the ancient art of meditative healing that will solve your problems in all areas of life.

Upcoming Events

Start of Glow Club – access for 10 days online

  • 5 July
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Seminar “Throat chakra: manifestation and harmony in relationships”
  • 16 July
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Available slots for personal practice and healing sessions
  • 4 July 12.30 and 18.00
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Free Practice

I remind you that you can always ask a question about the practice, Join the Glow Club or contact me to select a personal practice. Accompaniment with a teacher is always more effective in working with your request!
9 signs Kundalini Yoga is for you

{1} Habits

Kundalini Yoga helps you to recognise and change bad habits, opening the way to a healthier lifestyle.

{2} Seeking Happiness

It teaches you to find inner harmony and joy even in everyday moments.

{3} Experience Everything

This practice profoundly transforms the personality and offers unique methods that are unparalleled by others.

{4} Live not for yourself

Kundalini Yoga helps you find clarity of purpose and true direction in life.

{5} Can't turn off your head

It provides effective tools for managing thoughts and emotions, helping you to achieve inner peace.

{6} Feeling uncomfortable in your body

Kundalini Yoga includes practices that promote physical and energetic well-being.

{7} Can’t trust the world

It promotes compassion and deep interpersonal relationships, helping to improve your perception of the world around you.

{8} Difficulty Finding Steps Towards Personal Realisation

Kundalini Yoga provides specific techniques and practices to help integrate the teachings into daily life and achieve personal realisation.

{9} Difficult to live easily and without problems

Kundalini Yoga teaches how to find inner strength and peace of mind, which helps to face life’s challenges and resolve difficulties with confidence.

A story about why you need a teacher WHY YOU NEED A TEACHER?

Why can’t I just take YouTube videos or videos you already have and just practice them?
You can do all that, of course. The thing is, when you take practice from the internet or even from me, you’re making decisions in your head.
  • Okay, last month when Masha gave it to me, it helped me, it made me feel cool! I’ll do it again, it’ll be the same, I can do a great job. But you do it and it doesn’t help or make you feel 'so good'.

  • We can’t see our own inner tendencies and blocks. The teacher knows exactly what works for you. He’s learning it all the time, it’s a science. That’s why a teacher’s exercises work and everything else is a waste of time.
Sometimes I give my students a Kriya that they need at that moment, because I am looking at a particular block, we have worked with it and everything is healed, the head is gone, energy is renewed, new ideas and wishes come.

But if you do the same Kriya tomorrow, it may not work with you in the same way, because the block is already different.

The same is true if you try to give a Kriya that you like to your friend or recommend it to others. It’s pointless without a teacher.

About me

About me

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When you come to the studio they will ask you what you want and you will say money for example. They will give you one of the kriyas written in the book for prosperity. It can either cripple you or it can work to give you money and you will feel terrible or sick. Or it can work. It’s a matter of chance.

How does it work for us? The teacher practises feeling, being out of projections, being in the stillness of the mind. And he gives you the Kriya that works for you.

Maybe you’re not thriving because of other factors getting in the way, like your recent break-up with your partner, or childhood traumas.
Our energy flows through our hair, and by bundling it, we are more focused.

It is not compulsory to wear a turban, but I strongly recommend that you at least tie a scarf on your head to cover your hair. The minimum is to tie your hair in a bun, for both men and women with long hair.
It can damage your nervous system, it’s very dangerous and I don’t advise anyone to try it. If you’re already there, sit down and do it all the way through. I'm telling you, it’s worth it. Try it.
In confidence, the most powerful classes are the online ones. They change your state immediately and work with what you have going on today.

To work with inner patterns and life changes, personal practice is essential, or if that is not available, then group practice.

We also have seminars — a deep dive into one of the topics: prosperity, relationships, throat chakra, feminine energy, childhood trauma, etc.

Where we work through and change everything in that topic.
Kundalini Yoga is considered the royal yoga.

Sat Nam Rasayan is the ancient art of healing from silence, which is not available to everyone. Kundalini Yoga is available to everyone today, it can be found for free on the internet and practised at home, but because of this it works for very few people, it really heals them.

If you’re not happy with the price, just don’t buy. Expensive is one of your concepts and inhibitions.
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