Sat Nam Rasayan

This is a session of the ancient art of meditative healing that will solve your problems in all areas of life.

Sat Nam Rasayan

Sat Nam Rasayan is a teaching that almost no one knows about. It comes from Guru Ram Das.

For thousands of years this art has been passed from master to disciple in complete silence. A healer would have thousands of patients who would line up in huge queues and the healer would heal with a single word, touch or movement.

He could completely change a person’s destiny, rewrite a life or remove a deadly disease with a single touch. But he could not pass on the teaching.

Because the teaching is very pure, it was said that if you gave it to people, it would be lost. That is why this teaching was given to only one person and strictly from master to disciple.

This teaching was kept strictly secret until the 1970s, when Yogi Bhajan, the master of Kundalini Yoga and Sat Nam Rasayan, gave it to his only disciple, Guru Dev Singh.
Yogi Bhajan made Guru Dev a master of Sat Nam Rasayan and commissioned him to spread this teaching throughout the world. Now there are only about 1,500,000 healers of this teaching in the world.

My teacher Dasha Kabolova is the only Russian Sat Nam Rasayan teacher. She carries this teaching after Guru Dev Sigha, who taught her personally for more than 25 years!

Meditative healing session

This is a session of the ancient art of meditative targeting that will solve your problems in all areas of life.

And here are some possible questions that are often asked:
  • Panic attacks, depression, anxiety.
  • Insecurity, self-hatred.
  • Health problems
  • Relationships in the family, with boyfriend, children, parents.
  • Difficulties communicating with friends
  • Tiredness
  • Difficulties at work, burnout
  • Difficulties meeting commitments

Main benefits of seeing a healer


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Here are Master Guru Dev Singh’s words about healing

"Sat Nam Rasayan is the art of healing, which is about the ability to be so aware and receptive that all limitations and blocks can disappear of their own accord. It is a path to mindfulness that allows us to see the world as it is and to heal through that vision".
The essence of Sat Nam Rasayan
At the heart of Sat Nam Rasayan is the idea that all healing happens through mindfulness and deep awareness.

The healer is immersed in a state of meditation in which they are able to perceive subtle energetic changes and imbalances in the client's body and aura. This process is called ''contemplation' or 'mindful awareness''.

During the session, the healer holds a space of deep relaxation and presence, allowing any tension and blockages to dissolve naturally.

As a result, the client experiences a sense of deep peace, harmony and inner balance.

Both offline and online formats of Healing Sessions are available.
During the session, the root cause of your problem, which lies deep in your subconscious, disappears. At the same time, the problems in other areas of your life also disappear.

Sat Nam Rasayan brings your body, mind and spirit into a state of healing harmony and stillness as natural as breathing! Within a month of your session, your behaviour, self-image and even your body will begin to change on a very subtle level. The same happens to your family members who you can sign up for a session.
During the session you will need to lie down or sit with your eyes closed for 40−50 minutes. If you are unable to lie down or sit in private, that is fine. You can continue with your work. The session will still be effective.
You don’t need to tell them about the session. You wouldn’t ask their permission to pray for them, would you? The session is 100% environmentally friendly, beneficial to absolutely everyone and works whether they believe in it or not.